Music PLUS Music Integration (M+MI) Demonstration: Musical CupsĀ (9/22/2014)

El Sistema: Music Lessons to Rebuild the World (1/2/2014)

WBUR’s Open Source with Christopher Lydon (

Educational Innovators Ask ‘Why Can’t Learning Be Fun?’ (7/2/2013)



Phone Number Myelination Music (3/14/2013)

By Larry Scripp – Pi Day 2013

Phone Number Myelination Music Program Notes

Learning Through Music: A Model for Arts IntegrationĀ (2002)

Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Arts in Education Program’s John Landrum Bryant Lecture Performance Series

Lawrence Scripp with Ted Kennedy at the Conservatory Lab Charter School

Scripp & Kennedy CLCS

Portrait of Lawrence Scripp by Harold McAnaney

Harold McAnaney

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