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Educated as a musical performer, composer, and psychologist of music and education, Dr. Lawrence Scripp is the Founding Chair of the Music-in-Education Concentration at New England Conservatory and the Founding Director and senior researcher and consultant for the Center for Music and the Arts in Education (CMAIE), an organization that provides services for organizations that embrace arts and arts integration practices, program evaluation, and research design, data collection, and analysis. In the past, Dr. Scripp has served as Founding Co-Director of the Conservatory Lab Charter School and a Principal Investigator for more than a twenty music and arts learning research projects in U.S. public school districts and is currently working with programs in CAPE/Chicago Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District Music Integration Learning Environment (MILE) program, and the Center for Arts Education in New York. Dr. Scripp’s most influential writings include the essay An Overview of Research on Music and Learning in the Critical Links Compendium (aep-arts.org), his innovative research-based Music PLUS Music Integration education practices as reported in the International Handbook on Innovation (Pergamon) and Thinking Beyond the Myths and Misconceptions of Talent, a treatise published by Arts Education Policy Review (May 2013) that articulates the challenges that outdated conceptions of innate talent pose to music ‘s evolving role in 21st Century education.

More recently, Dr. Scripp has posted the Partnership in Arts Integration Research (PAIR) Report on ArtsEdSearch—a publication that details the expansive scope of arts learning research methods and findings in the Chicago Public Schools (see www.pairresults.org)—and the Oakland Unified School District Principal Investigator’s report, which demonstrates how a Music PLUS Music Integration Curriculum Intervention optimizes both music learning and its impact on academic performance when compared to conventional music control school programs. Current projects include assuming the post of Founding Director of MindChamps Music for MindChamps, an international early education company whose headquarters is in Singapore and serves a vast number of teachers and children in Southeast Asia and Australia.

At present, articles coauthored with Josh Gilbert about El Sistema reform and arts integration and music education policy and research for Arts Education Policy Review are due to be published in 2016-2017.

Full CV: LScripp Bio and CV 4.6.2016

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