Amphitheater School District, Walker Elementary (Tucson, AZ)

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Project Background:

Urban K-5 school seeks to provide students with a wider range of educational experiences and contexts that help create relevance, emphasize 21st century skills, and teach state standards and school curriculum in a manner that is engaging and lends itself to different learning styles.  With teaching Artist Carroll Rinehart, students create an opera integrating the learning of reading, comprehension, fluency, writing and content areas. Joined the Consortium in 2008.

Partnership Organizations:

Amphitheater School District

New England Conservatory (NEC)

Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC)

Key elements:

Creating Opera and its Impact on Academics and Learning: In 50-minute lessons once per week over 6 weeks, the teaching artist works with cohorts of classroom teachers to facilitate the students’ development of literary story elements in an opera format.  Students write, compose, choreograph, perform and evaluate every aspect of these projects.  Researchers use the Rinehart Learning Factors to identify and measure how music integration affects academics and learning.  Students show greater enthusiasm and energy and appear to make more connections to the rhythm of reading.