Auburn Elementary School (Auburn, GA)

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Project Background:

The partnership between ArtsNOW and Auburn Elementary began in 2008 as Auburn sought to utilize the arts as a way to improve instruction cross-curricularly. Additionally, Auburn was seeking to establish meaningful, consistent collaboration between teachers and to improve student behavior. Central to this change was the belief that arts integration throughout the curriculum would engage and motivate students and teachers, thereby enhancing instruction, improving student achievement, and improving student and teacher attitudes.

While the focus of the ArtsNOW/Auburn partnership has been (and continues to be) multi-arts integration in grades K-5 across the curriculum, the intent of the MIENC project is to discern, define, design, and assess specific instructional strategies that focus on music plus music integration as a way of positively impacting language arts literacy in grade 1.

Partnership Organizations:

Barrow County Public Schools
Hickory Hills Elementary School
Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC)

Key Research Considerations:

  1. Reinvigorating the professional culture, thereby allowing more communication, collaboration, engagement and respect among teachers;
  2. Developing increased understanding of and respect for music specialists (and other arts specialists);
  3. Developing increased understanding of and commitment to the power of Music PLUS Music Integration (M+MI) instruction throughout the school;
  4. Addressing the needs of, and providing engaging instruction for, all students consistently;
  5. Moving school culture beyond “status quo” to one that embraces continuous improvement; and
  6. Invigorating teacher comfort with and commitment to investigation, research, and authentic assessment.

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