Atrium School (Watertown, MA)

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Project Background:

Progressive Pre K-6 school that values students’ social development as much as their cognitive and academic growth commits to M+MI practices as its principal music program strategy.  The school adopts the Music Literacy Skills Test and portfolio assessments as evidence of student learning.  Atrium’s music specialists form collaborative partnerships with classroom teachers and administrators and design and implement engaging, integrated music curricula that support other academic areas.

Partnership Organizations

New England Conservatory (NEC)
Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC)

Key elements:

Violin program modeled on ‘Suzuki’-style instruction (Grades 2-3):  All 17 2nd and 3rd grade students are studying violin using music-integrated approaches:  decoding and reading alternative music notation via music-math matrices; developing self-awareness and an Artist-Teacher-Scholar persona through reflective writing and portfolio assessments; composing melodies and counter melodies using various rhythms, in accordance with harmonic structure and song form; developing awareness of song form through shared fundamental concepts such as symmetry, proportion, and pattern.  The violin program uses the same vocabulary and shared methods with the General Music (Grades Pre K-6) and Choral (Grades 4-6) programs.

The Atrium Children’s Opera:  In this after school project, grades 4-6 students are involved in all aspects of the opera creation from story development, music composition, and libretto writing, to opera performance, including designing and creating sets, props, costumes, and choreographing and staging movement.

Guided Interns: In addition to working with MIENC M+MI instructors, students are also mentored by guided interns from the New England Conservatory MIE Concentration and the NEC Opera Department.

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