Green Oaks Academy (East Palo Alto, CA)

Download School Project Report: 2009

Project Background:

School with at-risk population and English language Learning needs and no music program begins (1) to establish music as a core academic subject and as a springboard to other academic subjects; (2) to form collaborative partnerships with classroom teachers, administrators, and artists; (3) to design and implement engaging, integrated music curricula that support student achievement and learning in all academic areas; (4) to document student learning to provide evidence of learning across academic subject areas; and (5) to maintain the Instrumental Music Program in Grades 4-5. Joined the Consortium in 2008.

Partnership Organizations:

Music in Schools Today (MuST)
Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC)
New England Conservatory (NEC)

Key Elements:

Music and Language Literacy:  “Storytelling Through Song”: In an eight-week unit, students learn to read, identify, create, perform, analyze and write down various rhythms as they explore the theme of a Storytelling Unit.  Students create their 8-beat rhythm patterns, or soundscapes, to be performed in Readers Theater along with the text A Story A Story by Mary Ellen Pense.  Classroom teachers use the rhythm patterns students learned each week to practice their fluency and high frequency words.  Results demonstrate how learning rhythm patterns increases students’ fluency in both music and reading.

Professional Development: As a by-product, the project becomes a case study of how to introduce MIENC principles and models to someone who is not familiar with the process and to create a curriculum as a part of scale-out.