A.D. Henderson University School and South Grade Elementary (Boca Raton, FL)

View School Project Digital Portfolios: 2006 (South Grade), 2007 (A.D. Henderson; South Grade)

Project Background:

K-8 University school with a mission to be a demonstration site for teacher education, to develop curricula, and to conduct research and a high-needs K-6 Elementary school form partnership with the MIENC and the Early Literacy and the Arts Research Project at FAU to provide instruction to young students in order to investigate, observe, and assess the links between reading literacy, music, and visual arts.  Primary grade teachers, music teachers, and an art teacher implement a research and curriculum plan to address the parallels found in art, music, and reading as identified in the national standards and how reading, music, and art teachers can teach for transfer. Consortium members from 2005-2007.

Partnership Organizations:

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC)

Key Elements:

Teaching for Transfer Strategies:  Teachers implement and document the 10 Tools for Teaching for Transfer (Fogarty, Perkins, and Barell).  As a result, the language from the national music standards becomes the shared vocabulary for students and teachers.  Students learn Parallel Processes, describing, interpreting, analyzing, as per the national music standards and apply these to literature and art as well.  The topic (‘theme’) becomes a springboard for teaching concepts, such as form (beginning, middle, end) or shape (of a work of art, music, or story).  When students are asked about the connections, they initially name only the theme (for example, ‘seasons’ – “we read about winter, we heard a song about winter”). But when probed, students are able to describe the characteristics and the concepts that the teachers taught across classrooms in and through the theme of seasons; i.e., the ‘theme’ becomes a tool not the end.

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