About the Center for Music and the Arts in Education (originally incorporated as the Center for Music-in-Education)

The Center for Music and the Arts in Education (CMAIE, a.k.a. the Center for Music-in-Education, or CMIE) is a music and arts based Research & Development Center. Directed by Dr. Lawrence Scripp, the CMAIE provides expert services and access to research, publications, program development frameworks, program development guidance, learning technology assistance, and materials, documentation, and evaluation tools relevant to K-12 school communities and arts learning organizations dedicated to essential value of comprehensive music and the arts in education and the positive impact on academic excellence, social-emotional development and school culture. The CMAIE builds on decades of basic and applied research by Dr. Scripp and his colleagues, and the past record of establishing innovative Music PLUS Music Integration curricular practices and national consortium of music and arts based “learning laboratory” school networks. Dr. Scripp has served as Principal Investigator for over a dozen major research projects in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

The CMAIE conducts basic and applied research in funded projects in inter-related areas of music, arts, academic and social-personal learning. The CMAIE provides research and development services that include:

  • guided action research professional development programs
  • research and evaluation design
  • data collection methods
  • development of music and arts learning portfolios
  • program development materials
  • qualitative and statistical analysis
  • research and evaluation reports and publications.

Currently the CMAIE is working with multiple clients focused on music and the arts as a catalyst for integration of multiple forms of music, math, language arts literacy skills for K-8 students.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive research and evaluation services for schools, arts organizations, foundations, and other learning organizations focused on music and music and the arts’ essential role and impact in education.

Our Objectives

  1. Advance the scope, relevance, and quality of research in the field of Music and Arts in Education.
  2. Combine practitioner, action research with experimental methods in school settings for the sake of both program evaluation and research
  3. Make relevant research accessible to practitioners
  4. Allow public access to web and print publications