El Dorado Elementary School (San Francisco, CA)

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Project Background:

Underserved and economically disadvantaged school community with little district supported arts instruction and no comprehensive arts education strategy forms partnership with MILE program, MuST, and the MIENC LLSN Network and creates a viable music integration program. Joined the Consortium in 2005.

Partnership Organizations:

Music in Schools Today (MuST)
Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC)
New England Conservatory (NEC)

Key Elements:

Pilot Program:  Music integrated with Life Science curriculum:  Students study tempo and dynamics and animal life cycles; pre- and post tests and artifacts show modest gains in achievement.

Partnership dynamics and professional development: Site investigates how to create music-integrated curriculum and build basic research capacity; summer Institute helps teaching artists and classroom teachers to understand the importance of thinking collaboratively and beginning with questions, developing a line of inquiry, assessment strategies, etc.

Mentoring, Professional Development Exchange with Thornhill: Schools host site visits and share successes and challenges.

Year 2 in-school scale-out: K-5 sequential music program; research program expands to 2nd and 3rd grade.

Integration Focus Shifts to Music and Relation to Language Arts: Students create a musical theater piece based on a folk tale.  Researchers examine (1) how students can better understand syllabication and the meaning of words through music and how students can better understand rhythm through language and (2) how music can help students identify elements of a story (i.e. characters, setting, problem/solution, main idea) and how language arts can help students understand musical form and make compositional choices (about tempo, dynamics, and instrumentation when composing/improvising a “narrative” piece of music).

Music and the Science of Physics: The Science of Music Project investigates the explicit connections between music and the physical sciences.  Students who are led through a series of seven musical experiments tied into the Science FOSS curriculum show enhanced ability to (1) perform, create, and listen to music with an understanding of how these processes related to energy and matter and (2) identify, compose, and perform music that supports the curriculum objectives of the California State Science Standards. 

Success in community building and social-emotional development, as well as professional development.

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