Thornhill Elementary School (Oakland, CA)

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Project Background:

Isolated school with limited music-teaching capacity forms partnerships (with MILE and MIENC LLSN Network) that leads to ever-deeper and richer music-integrated curriculum implementation, professional development, community building, social-emotional learning, and assessment practices. Early products are visible community-wide, and school faculty becomes energized. School commits to pre- and post assessment rubrics, forms useful professional development exchange with local school, and becomes a scale-out hub in the area. Joined the Consortium in 2005.

Partnership Organizations:

Music in Schools Today (MuST)
Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC)
New England Conservatory (NEC)

Key Elements:

Musical Theater: An important visible beginning for music-integration at the school—continues the following year and extends to other grades. Student-created musical theatre pieces on the Gold Rush and Global Warming demonstrate enhanced learning in music and language literacy and an increased understanding of the historical and scientific topics researched

School Sing-A-Long: An important visible attempt to build community and social-emotional development through music

Music Circle: A K-2 curriculum that teaches character values and social-emotional vocabulary through music produces some telling evidence of student learning documented through the students’ journals and the teachers’ observations.

The Jazz and Democracy Project: Effective use of music to teach grade 4-5 social studies curriculum with which students were having difficulty. Students become more engaged and enthusiastic about their learning, develop a firm understanding of jazz, performance, improvisation, and increase their capacity to work in groups through enhanced communication and compromise.

Student and Teacher Transformation: Investment in Music Plus Music Integration professional development increases interaction, morale, and sense of purpose and reveals hidden skills among the faculty and students.

Professional Development Exchange with El Dorado Elementary: Schools host site visits and share successes and challenges.

School Project Reports for ’08-’09